Update: I posted the scripts online. More information here.

As I need a sans serif font for my diploma thesis which offers math symbols and features like old-style numbers, I decided I need support for MyriadPro, the only sans serif font I own which fulfills my requirements. There already is a package, which AFAIK only supports the very basic fonts regular, bold, italic, bold italic and no math. However, there is a very feature-rich MinionPro support package for LaTeX so I tried to change its sources to work with MyriadPro. Here the result: testmath.tex using MyriadPro. It looks quite nice for a fast hack IMHO. In addition to change the converting scripts, I adjusted all functions in the .sty file so the MinionPro package can be loaded together with MyriadPro.

But there are still a lot of changes needed to have a really complete package. The math symbols of MnSymbol and the integral signs have to be adjusted, the .sty file has to be reduced and maybe some fonts added, … So it is still some work and these are things I mostly don’t know anything of and — this is probably more important — so far I have everything I really need. Additionally, a thesis does not write itself so my time is limited. It is ready when it is ready. If you do not want to redo the work I’ve done so far, just write a comment and I maybe send you the source files. ;)