I finally decided to put my scripts to use MyriadPro with LaTeX online. While preparing this, fixed some more issues with Myriad and found some with Minion. Also I wanted to use the swash letters of CronosPro with Myriad. So I modified the script to include the support for all three fonts in one repository:

FontPro at GitHub

I think for a lot of purposes this gives reasonable results. My modifications so far:

  • support of MyriadPro: math and text; tuned accent positions of italic roman letters and of italic and upright greek letters; use swash letters of CronosPro as mathcal; loadable with eg MinionPro
  • text only support of CronosPro
  • fixed typo in MinionPro.dtx connected with microtype; take kerning
    information of accents and swash letters into account
    (maybe a change in the LCDF typetools made the last point necessary)

Obviously, there is still work to do. One of the major points is the ability to use the scripts with lcdf typetools > 2.69. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify the cause why the adjust-oml gives an error for the accent positions for the letters eg rho1, beta1, etc for me. It is strange that on some systems there is no problem at all; I was not able to find the difference between these systems…

The major points connected with MyriadPro is the adaptation of MnSymbol for MyriadPro. So far, I did not have the time to look at it. In addition, I did not succeed to tune the accent position of upright roman letters in math mode. The UP* information in adjust-oml.mtx seems to be connected to mathnormal… On the other hand, kerning pairs including the german double ss which is meant as the skew character in the setup (and which works with the swash letters of MinionPro) did not have any effect, either…

Furthermore, the swash letters of CronosPro are slightly to small for MyriadPro, so an option to scale the CronosPro (or all fonts that are based on these scripts) would be an nice feature. So far, I was not able to fully understand the font definition part in the MinionPro.dtx.

Everyone is invited to try the scripts. Anyone with an idea to solve the mentioned problems is also.